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Comic Book the Movie

You may know me, Don Swan, comic book historian, collector, comic shop owner, defender of Courage and grade school teacher. Oh yeah and now: film maker.

comic book the movie

It all started with the recent and overwhelming success of comic book favorites being adapted for the silver screen. The studios, Timely Studios in particular, seem to think that yesterday’s comic book is tomorrow’s box office gold – but some of us fans tend to disagree. So, when the fans objected to Timely Studios’ announcement of their latest movie “Codename: Courage,” they decided to hire me to direct a DVD extra for the eventual DVD release of the movie. What they don’t realize is that I am the undisputed #1 fan of “Commander Courage,” the original golden age (1940s) comic on which “Codename: Courage” is based. So, now it’s my turn to show you what I think, by setting my satirical sights on the industry that Hollywood is turning to for their latest blockbuster films…

Comic Book: The Movie was filmed LIVE on location at the renowned comic book convention,
Comic-con in San Diego. The film follows me, Donald Swan, and the fact that I have been hired to direct a documentary about my favorite comic book heroes of all time.

So, here I am – teacher, comic book historian, and self-proclaimed #1 fan of “Commander Courage.” I’m pretty sure that when Taylor Donohue (Rose), the studio’s marketing guru, and Anita Levine (Alan) from Timely Studios hired me for this documentary – they were hoping to buy my approval of “Codename: Courage.” But, we’ll see about that! So, Anita sent me, Taylor and a cameraman named Ricky (Harnell), to Comic-con to shoot our documentary. What Taylor doesn’t know is that I have my own agenda – one which includes Leo Matuzik (West) a previously unknown heir to the “Commander Courage” legacy. So, as you can imagine, Taylor’s world and mine are about to collide…

Oh – and, of course, I have to mention the crazy crew of characters we’ve pulled together to make this film into a reality – most of whom are award-winning voice over artists who use their extraordinary expertise in improvisation to bring their characters to life. Comic Book: The Movie also stars Donna D’Errico, Tom Kenny and Daran Norris and features guest appearances by Kevin Smith, Bruce Campbell, Hugh Hefner, Sid Ceasar, Jonathan Winters, Debby Derryberry, Ray Harryhausen, Bill Mumy and Matt Groening, with even more appearances by comic book luminaries Paul Dini, Peter David, Scott Shaw and Mark Evanier.

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